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Primary Causes of Automobile Accidents in California

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Primary Causes of Automobile Accidents in California

While there are several types of accidents to cause one to hire a personal injury lawyer, the most prevalent type of accidents are that of automobile accidents. Personal injury attorneys are hired to represent injured victims in thousands of automobile injury accident cases per year. The rate of death caused by automobile accidents is a startling 50,000 victims per year. And in a city like Los Angeles, where automobiles are the primary mode of transportation, these statistics should not be taken lightly. In order to understand the severity of these accidents, it should be important to understand why car accidents occur. There are several reasons.

Drunk driving is the most typical cause of automobile accident. Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol drive with impaired judgment and decreased reflex ability, causing their performance behind the wheel to slip. This can lead to automobile accidents and serious injuries, possibly even death. This is without a doubt one of the most common causes of automobile accidents.

But drunk driving is not the only cause for car accident injury that personal injury lawyers have seen. Another serious cause of automobile accidents are cell phone use. In terms of danger, cell phone use can be just as serious as drunk driving, maybe even worse. Cell phone users drive with one hand, if it isn’t a hands-free device, and this limits their ability to control the vehicle. This limited control can just as easily lead to automobile accidents, which can lead to serious bodily injury, such as wrongful death, Traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and paralysis. The results are never pleasant. Texting has also been known to cause serious automobile accidents. Both cell phone use and texting have been banned in several states due to these personal injuries.

Fatigue is another cause of automobile accidents. Simply not getting enough rest can lead to serious personal injuries on the road. The less sleep a driver has, the more impaired the driver can become, just as if he or she had been drinking. With less reflex time, the driver has less control of the car, taking longer to break or increasing the automobile’s speed. Personal injury lawyers receive car accident cases caused simply by fatigue several times per year.


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