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Personal Injury: What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Accident Claims?

South Personal Injury What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycles are an easy and cheap way to get around, but they also come with some risks. Motorcycles don’t offer much protection in accidents, so motorcyclists often get poorly hurt or die when they collide with cars. If you’re in a motorbike accident, it’s essential to know your rights and how your actions could affect things. This blog post will give you an overview of the laws in California about motorcycle accidents and what you need to do if you are in one.

Motorcycle Accident California

Motorcycles accidents can be dangerous and often cause serious injuries or death. The California Highway Patrol says that 4,976 motorcyclists were hurt in California in 2014. Out of these accidents, 859 people died, and 3,117 were hurt.

About 15% of all traffic injuries in California happen to people riding motorcycles.

Many factors cause motorcycle injuries. Such as, Drivers may have trouble seeing motorcycles. They could also be going fast when an accident happens, making their injuries worse.

In California, motorcyclists don’t have to wear helmets, which is another thing that makes them more likely to get into accidents. It makes motorcycle riders less safe in case of an accident.

Motorcyclists can undertake a few things to reduce their accident risk. Always wear a helmet when driving. Other ways to stay safe are wearing bright clothes, avoiding riding when the weather is bad, and following all traffic laws.

The Office of Traffic Safety puts out information about California’s different kinds of motorcycle accidents. Motorbike injuries vary. Some are more frequent than others. Most California accidents involve a car turning left behind a motorcycle. It is the cause of about 42 percent of all motorcycle accidents.

These are some other common types of accidents:

  • Motorcycles running into things that don’t move (27 percent)
  • When other vehicles hit riders (9 percent)
  • Single vehicle accidents (7 percent)
  • Riders who have lost control (5 percent)

California’s Laws About Motorcycle Accidents

In California, there are a few laws that protect motorcyclists in case of an accident. Here are the most critical five:

  1. Even if the traffic light is red, motorcyclists can go through an intersection as long as they give way to oncoming cars and people.
  2. Motorcyclists can move between lanes.
  3. Motorcyclists can drive between lanes where traffic stops or moves more slowly.
  4. When a motorcycle accident happens, the rider is not always to blame. Both the rider and other drivers’ behavior will get evaluated. Also, if a car hits a motorcyclist, the car’s driver is at fault, even if the motorcyclist was the one who caused the accident. This law is good because it keeps motorcyclists from being blamed for accidents they didn’t cause.
  5. The law also says that a motorcyclist who is hurt in an accident has the same right to compensation as any other driver involved, no matter how bad their injuries are. This law makes sure that motorcyclists get enough money for their injuries.
  6. In California, no law says all motorcyclists must wear helmets while driving. But helmet laws have been passed in some cities and counties in the state. For example, everyone who rides a motorcycle must wear a helmet in San Francisco and Los Angeles County. It’s essential to check with the local government to see if any rules apply to you.

What to do if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle injuries can be very traumatic, and the pain and frustration that follow can be hard to deal with. Here are some things you should do if you are in a motorcycle accident to ensure you are safe and protect your rights.

1. Stay calm and figure out what’s going on.

2. Look for wounds and call for help if you need to.

3. Collect evidence at the accident site.

4. Talk to a lawyer about your case to learn more about it.

5. Pay close attention to what your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer tells you to do.

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