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Metro link’s Chatsworth Personal Injury accident settlement

Personal Injury Claim | personal injury attorney southern california

Metro link offers $200 Million Dollars to victims of 2008 commuter train disaster resulting in several wrongful death claims and multiple personal injury claims. The attorneys for the injured victims and families of the victims claim the true value and cost will far exceed $200 Million Dollars. However, $200 Million is the liability cap established under federal law for passenger train accidents.

The head on accident was caused by a contract metro-link engineer who ran red light while text messaging on a cellphone, according to national transportation safety board. This crash represents one of the nation’s worst transportation accident and injury incidents in the recent history of the nation. Several people died because of this accident and multiple people sustained significant injuries. Several personal injury and accident lawyers represent these victims and their families and claim that this settlement offer significantly undervalues their cases.


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